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Form12203(March 2020)Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue ServiceRequest for Appeals ReviewComplete the information in the spaces below, including your signature and the date. Taxpayer name(s)Taxpayer
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For information on how to resolve disagreements with your IRS Service Center, visit IRM, Dispute Resolution. If an appeal is being initiated, provide your mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address. Appeals are to be submitted via fax. If this is the first appeal, and you cannot locate the completed appeal form in the “Appeals/Notices of Appeal/Pamphlets” section of your local service center's website, email or mail us the complete form from this location and indicate the mailing address of your address book. You can also find the forms to download by selecting the search option at the top of this page and searching “Form 12203” or “Form 12203 Request for appeals”. Taxpayers with questions about the Taxpayer Information Retrieval (TIER) can call our TIER service center on. TIER Service Center, or TIER Customer Service Branch, See IRM for instructions., (8), (9) “Appeals/Notices of Appeal/Pamphlets” If, after completing the above steps, you are uncertain about the accuracy of your taxpayer account information or other tax issues, you can contact your local service center to obtain a copy of the Notice of Assessment, Notice of Refund, or Appeals/Notices of Appeal/Pamphlets that were mailed to you. The tax due should be refunded in accordance with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Taxpayers who are owed overpayments may have access to an electronic payment plan. For more information on electronic payment plans, see IRM, Electronic Payments. (04-27-1999) Examination Fees For Individual (01-05-2002) (This section may apply to the following types of examinations: (01-05-2002) If you are an individual, you must file your return with Form 6151 or Form 1116, Installment Agreement Statement or Certificate. Otherwise, you can file a return only with Form 4506.

Who Needs Form 12203?

Sometimes the IRS audits an individual’s taxes if there is some reason for a review. The findings may not be quite what a taxpayer expects to find out. To show disagreement with these findings, every taxpayer is allowed to ask for a review. Form 12203 is designed for a taxpayer to ask for such a review.

What is Form 12203 for?

Form 12203 or as it is called Request for Appeals Review was designed to disagree with IRS determination. If you have some doubts concerning an IRS decision, or if you think that the IRS hasn’t considered all the facts that may influence the final decision you can fill out Form 12203.

Is Form 12203 Accompanied by Other Forms?

Generally, Form 12203 doesn’t require other documents to be attached to it. You may send the form alone or with other documents, if specified.

When is Form 12203 Due?

Form 12203 is due when it is needed. There is no fixed due date as this document is sent as a response to an IRS audit.

How do I Fill out Form 12203?

The form is rather short, however it requires substantial information to be provided. First, you are asked to enter your name, detailed contact information and Taxpayer Identification Number. Then go the fields entitled Disagreed item where you should describe the thing that you disagree with. Provide as much information as you can. On the right, there are fields entitled Reason why you disagree. Here you can state the reason for your disagreement with the IRS findings.  At the bottom of the page, there are some fields for a signature, date, taxpayer’s name and contact information.  

Where do I send Form 12203?

When you are ready to send Form 12203, send it to the Office of Appeals. Visit the IRS website to get more information about the procedure.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 12203
Instructions and Help about form 12203
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